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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter:
Bring Back Dog Petition
Goal: 250,000 Signatures in 14 Days

Bring back "Dog the Bounty Hunter" now!

Sign the petition below and help us bring back the Dog.

Tired of reading about it, talking about and worrying about a Dog-less TV line-up?Now you can help get Dog out of the doghouse--now!

We are trying to collect 250,000 signatures to put "Dog the Bounty Hunter" back on the Art & Entertainment Network's fall line-up. The petition and electronic signatures will be sent to the AETV's corporate offices on November 26, 2007. AETV is the parent corporation of the A & E Network.

We will also send along all comments made by the readers--you--at the end of this story to AETV.

To help us help Dog, follow the instructions at the end of the petition wording.

That's 14 days to collect 250,000 signatures: that's only a little over 17,000 signatures a day--a small fraction of the show's audience.

Tell your friends and family and anyone else who might be interested in seeing "Dog the Bounty Hunter" possibly return to the airwaves. If A&E is unmoved, the outpouring of support might surely influence another rival network, such USA Network or Spike TV, to pick the show up.

The petition reads as follows:

--- PETITION To Bring "DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER" Back To A & E - --

Bring back "Dog the Bounty Hunter" to the Arts & Entertainment Network schedule.

The tapes released by the National Enquirer were of a private cell-phone conversation, made without Duane "Dog" Chapman's knowledge (most probably illegally) and sold for monetary gain.

The slur was not an expression of hate, but of ignorance.

Duane Chapman has on several occasions apologized on national TV broadcasts.

While not condoning the use of racial slurs, supporters urge the Arts & Entertainment Network to bring back the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" show.

The sooner, the better.

----------- Bring Back "DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER" -----------

Only fourteen days.

Everybody better get busy.

1. Go to the "Comments" section at the end of this piece.
2. Fill in your real name and email address. Your email address will not be visible to others.
(Optional: You may add a comment. No profanity please. You are trying to impress A & E that you are a responsible viewer--valuable to their advertisers on "Dog the Bounty Hunter")
3. Push the [PUBLISH] button.

Tell your any Dog fan. Thank you.

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Sign our other on-line petition by clicking Bring Back Dog.
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Dog Still Loves Tucker
Dog Petitions Spring Up All Over Internet
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Black America

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Black America: Dog Update

A nice article from Bloggers New Network about Black America: Does it forgive Dog the Bounty Hunter? The story below speculates that they do, based on the response from Dog's black fans.

We got one such letter yesterday at DBKP. It's after the story below.

From psburton at BNN:
A majority of African Americans who saw Duane Chapman’s interview on Larry King express a willingness to forgive dog the bounty hunter provided his remorse and humility was genuine. I made a point of asking one of my neighbors who is black to watch the show so I could solicit his opinion. ”Mostly I would say its his upbringing that caused him the trouble” my friend remarked. I asked if he felt it would be appropriate for A&E to give him his job back. “Yea and he should spend some of the salary they pay him on adult education”. ”The thing is, Not so much what the “Dog” was saying” ”It’s a black minister willing to come on National t.V.’ and say now look here brothers and sisters, I am this mans spiritual leader and while he may need counseling on the use of profanity and slurs he is not a racist and I am also telling you he is a believing Christian and a friend of mine”

The king interview revealed a man who confirmed my previous opinion its not so much an issue of racism with the Dog as it is a lack of education and impulse control. Some cash spent on a few verbal advantage tapes and anger management courses would be a good step toward achieving his stated desire to become something other then where he came from.

I speculate many African Americans would object and loudly if A&E or another network decides to return the Dog to America’s living room. But the final decision comes down to dollars and cents. Dog has lots of fans and those fans some of who are black are the ones who ultimately decide what sells and what does not.
More from BNN

We received this email yesterday. We thought the writer made some good points.

I want to send you an e-mail to let you know that I and my non-white family are behind the Dog! He said nothing but an exagerated swear word for what the "duo" must have already done before this incident...

Not only that the conversation very private, but also made public by people that you must doubt integrity and motives; how did they get Dog talking like that despite of his "one of the boys" attitude even with criminals...???? Like my grandson may say,"are you nuts?"

Said Damon Wayans at the "View," "Black folks sitting it out laughing, just watching,, while whites cry out 'foul', 'foul' and have the sense of what?... conscience? " Let's ruin someone today?"
Ruin then anyone who say the word, white or black, grey or yellow...whatever race, rather than hulk in the shadows, wait. then wait for judas and girlfriend with 30 pieces of silver to buy a private conversation. Guess what? Enquirer do not have any ethics, but they showed Dog's son and his girlfriend to be the bad guys here... They must have known the common swear word in the prison, in the house, in Dog's experience, and they entrapped Dog to say it. Wake up everyone, punish the real culprit. Dog takes care of his family; his son and girlfriend want to destroy the family and its livelihood.

Never met Dog except in his tv show that I watch regularly, but I feel for him and the rest of his family...
WE are behind Dog,

Danni, Lynn

Nice letter and story.

Tucker's Girlfriend to Sue Dog
Girlfriend to Sue Dog
DOG SAYS HE Still Loves the Son Who Sold Him Out:
Dog Still Loves Tucker

Larry King Live Interview with Dog:
Larry King Live Video Link
Larry King Live Interview Transcript:
Larry King Live transcript
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Dog the Bounty Hunter:
SUE! Tucker's Girlfriend Plans to Sue Dog


You just knew it was coming.

In an America where someone sues when they spill coffee in their own lap, it was only a matter of time.

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman will be the target of a lawsuit by his son Tucker's girlfriend, Monique Shinnery. She said she plans on filing soon.

More from the NE:
The victim of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's racist rant announced today that she plans to sue him.

Monique Shinnery, who was repeatedly called "n----r" by Chapman on tape told The National ENQUIRER: "I'm going to sue Dog Chapman."

Chapman not only subjected her to racist slurs, but he also attacked her character in subsequent TV interviews, even though he had never met or spoken to her.

His public attacks on her character pushed Monique over the edge.

As he attempts to save his TV show, Chapman has appeared on two national TV shows offering tearful - and at times bizarre apologies - for using racist slurs. But he has continued to damage Monique's reputation while trying to dig himself out of trouble, she told The National ENQUIRER.

"I want justice," Monique told The National ENQUIRER. "He has slandered me, stated that I have bad character and repeatedly lied about me on national television. If I'm ever going to hold my head up in public again, I need to stand up for what is right."

In March, Dog used the "N" word over and over again while demanding that his son, Tucker, dump Monique, his girlfriend of seven months, if he wants to be part of the Chapman family. The conversation reached the outraged ears of the world when The National ENQUIRER exclusively released the venomous, racist tapes, and caused A&E to drop Dog's show from their schedule "for the foreseeable future." A&E has refused to cancel the show, its top moneymaker.

Chapman has apologized for using the "N" word, but he has tried to keep the focus off the fact that he said he did not want a black person in his house or in his family.

In his first written and public apology, Chapman, who had never met, nor seen, Monique, said, "I was disappointed in his choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character."

"Dog Chapman knows nothing about my character," Monique, 21, who has no criminal record, works with mentally challenged children and hopes to enlist in the Coast Guard, told The National ENQUIRER. "He doesn't know me, and he has never met me.

"I have had threats from his fans. I have been hiding, afraid to go out. After Dog's slander against me, my boss told me they might require that I take a drug test. I have never done drugs.

"Dog said on television that I had a plan to jump (his wife) Beth and hoped to tape her using racial language. He said he saw me and another girl in a car outside his shop, wearing tank tops.

"I never wear a tank top, I have never been in that parking lot when they were at their bail bond shop and I certainly wouldn't jump Beth. I weigh 105 pounds! She'd kill me!

"It was all lies. He 'apologizes' and then continues to lie about me. I cannot and do not accept his apology, because it was insincere.

"It's not even about him using the 'N' word. It's about him not wanting a black woman to be part of his family or part of his son's life.

"They use the 'N' word all the time. Once, Beth said to Tucker, 'If you want to smoke, you can go over to your n----r girlfriend's house and smoke.' Beth's as much of a racist as Dog is.

"Tucker and I were talking with Baby Lyssa (Dog's daughter) one time and she said, 'N----rs,' and quickly changed it to 'black people' when she realized I was listening. Their family is just like that.
Source National Enquirer

Looks like Monique is reaching for her Lawsuit Lottery ticket and her 15 minutes of fame.

Hope we don't get sued for saying that.

DOG SAYS HE Still Loves the Son Who Sold Him Out:

Click Here

Larry King Live Interview with Dog:
Click Here
Larry King Live Interview Transcript:
Click here
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Dog Still Loves the Son Who Sold Him Out

More Chapman family news from Reuters:
Celebrity bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, whose reality TV show has been pulled from the air indefinitely after he used a racial slur, says he still loves the son who sold the tape of his private remark.

Cable channel A&E took the popular show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter," off its schedule for the foreseeable future after a private phone call in which Chapman used an offensive term to describe his son Tucker's black girlfriend hit the Internet.

Chapman said his son Tucker had sold the tape of the conversation that dates back to March to The National Enquirer but he did not know why.

"He will not talk to me," said Chapman, who has 12 children and has been married five times.

"His mother's in on it with him. I have been away from her since the '80s so now she is like getting even," he told the Larry King Live show on CNN on Wednesday night.

A teary Chapman, who has apologized repeatedly since the tape was made public and promised to make amends, said he had used the epithet "nigger" on a heated call with his son while admitting he was probably interfering in his life.

Chapman said Tucker had been sent to prison at the age of 18 and served four years of a 20 year sentence for armed robbery before being released on parole.

"I tried to take control of his life (after this)," said Chapman, himself an ex-con. "I heard this girl was maybe not being the best for Tucker -- and I'll leave it like that -- so I tried to interfere.

"I don't care if she is black at all. He's on parole for a 20 year sentence and if he messes up he goes back."
Honolulu-based Chapman, 54, who says he is a devout Christian, made no comment on reports that his son sold the tape for $15,000.

"All I want him to know is that I love him very much," he said.

A&E has said no decision has been made to cancel the program, which is shown in more than 10 countries, and the network will review the situation again later this month.

Chapman, with his trademark scraggly long blond hair and leather wardrobe, rose to fame after his 2003 tracking and capture of Max Factor heir and serial rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico.

This led to an offer for a reality TV show following him and his "posse" tracking down people who jump bail.
Sounds like a concerned father.

by Mondoreb

Larry King Live Interview with Dog:
Click Here
Larry King Live Interview Transcript:
Click here


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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Larry King LIVE

Dog went on Larry King LIVE last night and got to tell a bit of his side.



Transcript of last night Larry King LIVE interview
It also contains a video of Dog's troubles with son, Tucker.
It also contains link to complete Dog the Bounty Hunter coverage:
Click Here

Dog's New Occupation?
Doug the Nazi Hunter VIDEO [4:00]

by Mondoreb


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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Larry King LIVE Transcript

Video of possible Dog troubles and son Tucker.
Partial transcript of Larry King LIVE interview with Duane "Dog" Chapman on Larry King LIVE last night.

NEW! Watch Video of Larry King LIVE Dog the Bounty Hunter Interview:
Click Here 7:35 minutes video available now.

The dog went one-on-one with Larry King on LIVE last night. Did he make a case for himself? Was the public convinced that Dog the Bounty Hunter should return to the air?

If the response at Death by 1000 Papercuts is any indication, opinion for the Dog's return is running about 90% in favor of the Bounty Hunter's show to start back up.

Tonight's Larry King LIVE features Dr. Phil analyzing Dog the Bounty Hunter. Bizarre or merely opportunistic? You can be the judge.

Watch the VIDEO about Dog's possible legal fall-out from the "cellphone tapes" sold by his son, Tucker, to the National Enquirer.

Last night's Dog and Larry show from Larry King LIVE:
LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, "Dog" the bounty hunter drops the "N" bomb in a private phone call...

DUANE "DOG" CHAPMAN, THE BOUNTY HUNTER: I'm not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything I've worked for for 30 years because some (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) heard us say (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) and turned us in to the 'Enquirer' magazine.


KING: And his public world explodes. His hit reality TV show is off the air, his reputation seriously damaged. The humiliating fallout from his racial slur, recorded and sold by his own son.

Duane "Dog" Chapman responds live -- uncut, uncensored, unreal.

It's all next on LARRY KING LIVE.

We are in Los Angeles with Duane "Dog" Chapman.

How are you -- how are you handling all of this?

D. CHAPMAN: I'm still alive.

KING: Other than that?

D. CHAPMAN: Not very -- not very good. I've been here several times sitting in front of you. Tonight, it felt like I was coming to the electric chair.

KING: Really?

D. CHAPMAN: I'm sorry -- to tell you personally, first of all, I'm very sorry. I know you had, also, a lot of faith in me. I'm very sorry for using that word. Please don't think any less of me. And I'm going to fix it.

KING: All right, let's discuss it.

What's in your head right now?

D. CHAPMAN: A way to fix this and where it would never happen again and, you know, how sorry I really am to say that. And try not to use any excuses why I would have said it, but to never say it again.

KING: How do you fix it?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, I will continue doing the things I've done working with, you know, interracial people. And I just have to -- I have some classes I have to go to. And I need to get a greater vocabulary than what I have, obviously. And when I get mad and my brain searches for "A" word, I have to find different words. And to do that, you have to be -- have more of an education. That's what (INAUDIBLE).

KING: This was the vocabulary, "Dog," that you've had all of your life?

D. CHAPMAN: Yes. You know, I've probably used and had that kind of vocabulary my whole life, yes.

KING: So you've had, would you say, a limited vocabulary, due to not a great education?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, if I could -- I graduated from the seventh grade, you know. I mean I dropped out of school -- and I don't want to blame it on that. I know right from wrong.

I'm not that kind of guy. I knew I probably should have never used that. But I thought I was cool enough to be able to use that. But to blame it on ignorance and unlearned, that's not -- no.

KING: It's tough to hear, but let's listen to a segment of the taped phone call that landed you in this world of hurt.

This is courtesy of the "National Enquirer," which, by the way, made the tape public.


D. CHAPMAN: I don't care if she's a Mexican, a whore, whatever. It's not because she's black, it's because we use the word n****r sometimes here. I'm not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything I've worked for for 30 years because some f**king n****r heard us say n****r and turned us in to the "Enquirer Magazine." Our career is over. I'm not taking that chance at all -- never in life. Never. Never.


KING: How did you find out about this tape?

D. CHAPMAN: I was woken up like someone had passed away in my family. And Beth said Tucker tape recorded you at 4:00 in the morning. She woke me up and said Tucker had tape recorded me and called the "National Enquirer".

I knew that the "National Enquirer" had been hanging around me for about a year and I knew that, you know, anything you could say would be held against you. So...

KING: How was Tucker able to tape it? D. CHAPMAN: I was on the telephone with Tucker. I was very upset at him.

KING: And he had the tape on his end?

D. CHAPMAN: I believe so. Yes, sir. I haven't asked, really, how -- three party, six party or how it was done. I was talking to my son and bam, the next day -- this was in March, so about eight months ago this happened. And I wondered why he held it so long.

KING: Oh, it was that long ago?

D. CHAPMAN: Yes, sir.

KING: All right, what's the story between you and Tucker and this girl?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, Monique is Tucker's girlfriend. He hadn't introduced me to her for a long time. I had some suspicions that -- Tucker had just got out of prison. He went to prison at 18-years-old.

He did four years for an armed robbery and got a 20-year sentence.

So when Tucker got out, I immediately, you know, started being the dad I wasn't and said, you know, do this, do that. And I tried to take control of his life.

So I heard that this girl maybe was not being the best for Tucker -- and I'll leave it like that. So I tried to intervene inside there. And one day outside my office, these girls were going to jump Beth and tape record Beth and try to get her to fight.

KING: Your wife?

D. CHAPMAN: My wife, Beth. Right. And they had dressed -- four of the five had tank shirts on, these girls. So -- and one of them was Tucker's girlfriend. So I called him up and said, you know, what are you doing, son? What are you guys doing here?

And the whole idea was the "Enquirer Magazine" was trying to trap me using racial slurs or -- in the celebrity world, anything you can -- and you know this...

KING: But how did they know you might use those words?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, I'm sure they said here -- this guy, "Dog" has been to prison. You know, he's this rehabilitated guy. If anybody is a pin cushion for something to go wrong, I'm sure "Dog" is going to say that.

KING: Now the reason you didn't like -- or don't like -- your son's girlfriend is not that she's black?

D. CHAPMAN: No. I don't care -- you know...

KING: That has nothing to do with it?

D. CHAPMAN: Nothing to do with any kind -- any of that. I don't care if she's black at all. It was the -- you know, he's on parole for a 20-year sentence. If he messes up, he goes back. I didn't want him...

KING: And she's bad for him?

D. CHAPMAN: I thought, at the time. You know, now it -- I might change my mind, but at that time -- I mean he said, "Dad, I would never record you, I'm not doing this," as he's recording me. You know, "Dad, she's not bad for me," as now, is she or not?

I mean I don't know. But I tried to take control of him and...

KING: So you didn't like her -- you didn't like her for reasons that she would be bad for your son?

D. CHAPMAN: Exactly right. Not because of her color of her skin.

KING: All right.

Then why use the word?

D. CHAPMAN: Because I -- I referenced it, you know, back -- the only word that I know that would, you know, hurt his feelings or, you know, catch his attention very fastly -- never as a prejudicial or a racial slur or anything like that. None of my other children, my little daughter nine has never heard me say it.

KING: When you heard it used by others, did it bug you?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, if it's a pure white guy that would say, you know, look at that so and so. But with black guys that come up, you know, what's up, my "Dog?" And they'd say that word first. And then, of course, I would turn around and go hi, what's up my -- and scream it. But I'd like tuck my chest in. In the black community and I, some of the guys would call each other that, as brother to brother.

KING: Why did your son sell it to the "Enquirer?"

D. CHAPMAN: Well, you know, I -- I, you know, I don't know. I mean I...

KING: Did you ask him?

D. CHAPMAN: No. I tried to...

KING: You never asked him?

D. CHAPMAN: No, he will not talk to me. I mean he's mother -- you know, he's -- his mother is in on it with him and she's told -- you know, I've been away from her since the '80s and she's...

KING: That's your other wife -- not -- that's the first wife? D. CHAPMAN: That's the first wife. She's -- I've been away from her since the '80s, so now she's like getting even. And I'm afraid to call him or he'll call the police. I mean, you know, domestic violence is terrible, so I want to stay away from him. All I want him to know is that I love him very much.

KING: You knew it was coming in the "Enquirer" before the paper came out?

D. CHAPMAN: I knew it came out the night the "Enquirer" did not -- they don't call you and say we're going to bomb your house or anything.

KING: All right.

But you knew -- in other words, you knew it was out the night -- the day it came out?

D. CHAPMAN: Yes, sir.

KING: You didn't know it was coming?

D. CHAPMAN: I didn't know it was coming.

KING: All right.

And how did you -- how did you react?

D. CHAPMAN: I was like, oh, my God. At first I thought oh my god. You know, while people know it's the truth, I thought, you know, people know it's me. They know me.

KING: You didn't think anything would happen to you?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, I knew it would happen, but I went, oh, my God, here I have to explain now what -- why, you know, I think I'm cool with the black race. And I thought -- I was thinking, God, America just would never understand that. And then when it happened, I thought, you know, wait a minute. You know, people know me. They know that I'm not prejudiced and I'm not like that. And -- but the way it hit -- I mean every country, every station, everywhere. I mean it's like, you know, this is -- I deserve it, but I'm getting flogged, you know what I mean?

KING: Sure.

This was worldwide.

D. CHAPMAN: Yes, sir.

KING: We'll be right back with Duane "Dog" Chapman.

Don't go away.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: Why we just, for proper edification, "Dog's" spiritual adviser, the Reverend Tim Storey -- who is black -- is standing by. He says he never heard you use the "N" word and if you didn't think it was wrong.

He'll be on later in the show.

Why didn't you use it around him?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, you know, he's the preacher. And I -- I


D. CHAPMAN: I do know it's wrong. I mean it's not "A" word that you should use -- even now, I've learned, in private. I thought I was cool enough, Larry, to be able to use that word amongst black people at certain times. You're not going to get out, you know, in a black area and yell that, because you're going to get busted up, right?

KING: You sure are.

D. CHAPMAN: But I thought I was cool with the certain people that I know and love that are black, that, you know, that can call me "whitey" and I can say -- you know what I mean?

KING: Yes.

Well, we'll hear from the reverend later.

We're going to play one more excerpt from the phone call with your son Tucker, which the "National Enquirer" printed.



D. CHAPMAN: If Lyssa was dating a n****r we would all say f*** you! And you know that. If Lyssa brought a black guy home ya da da. And it's not that they're black. It's none of that. It's that we use the word n****r. We don't mean you F****** scum n****r without a soul. We don't mean that s*****. But America would think we mean that. And we're not taking a chance on losing everything we got over a racial slur because our son goes with a girl like that. I can't do that, Tucker. You can't expect Gary, Bonnie, Cecily, all of them young kids to -- because I'm in love for seven months. F*** that!

So I'll help you get another job but you cannot work here unless you break up with her and she's out of your life. I can't handle that s***. I've got them in the parking lot trying to record us. I got that girl saying she's going to wear a recorder.

TUCKER CHAPMAN: That's not true. I don't even know what to say.


KING: Now there was a Lyssa mentioned. Who was she?

D. CHAPMAN: Lyssa is Tucker's biological mother.


The first wife?

D. CHAPMAN: Right. Oh, da Lisa (ph) is another one of the girls that were there. They were going to jump Beth. They had, I guess, a tape recorder on them and they were going to jump Beth. And as they were fighting, hopefully Beth would say something so the "National Enquirer" could print, you know what I mean?

So I was very upset.

What are you doing setting her up like that?

KING: Are you mad at the "Enquirer?"

D. CHAPMAN: Oh, dear Lord. They're a lie. I mean, they lie. I mean I'm -- you know, I'm...

KING: They're not lying here (INAUDIBLE).

D. CHAPMAN: Well, no, obviously -- finally, you know what I mean?

But, absolutely. I mean the guy's paying my kids to turn against me. He told my oldest son, I don't care if you lie or not, what -- tell me something about your dad. I mean they're just destroying me. I will not allow that. I mean this word could destroy me -- not them. But...

KING: Do you know what they paid Tucker?

D. CHAPMAN: I know they allegedly gave Tucker $15,000.

KING: And he needed that and he would sell his father out for $15,000?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, it's like less than 30 pieces of silver, I thought. I know he's bought a truck, a big screen TV and about probably broke by now. So...

KING: All right, were you surprised that A&E suspended the show?

D. CHAPMAN: No. Not -- I was surprised at first. And then when I turned to every channel and every newspaper and everywhere and everywhere, I was like, oh, my God.

KING: You think they're going to take you back?

D. CHAPMAN: I don't know. It's up to America. I'm like in the judgment seat now. I mean it's -- I want -- I want to come back. I'm going to some classes with Tony Robbins. I've got my preacher with me. I'm going to meet with the core group. I have met some fantastic black people. I talked to Mr. Ennis and his son. I talked to Al Sharpton's daughter.

I mean I've met some influential people that have said to me, "Dog," you need one-on-one tutoring. So -- and, you know, not to use the word and maybe some anger control management.

I think Amy is going to set a standard -- "Dog," if you can do this and you can prove and, you know, they're -- you know how they are. I mean, they're pretty strict, so.

KING: Have you talked to A&E?

D. CHAPMAN: I kind of have now, you know -- but other than I apologize and, you know, you can't -- I want America to forgive me before I can go to A&E with statistics and say...

KING: But how do the people of America forgive you?

Do you want them to write to A&E?

I mean what is...

D. CHAPMAN: Well, I just -- I don't know. I mean write to you. I don't know. I mean, yes, whatever you would do is, you know, come out and say we -- you know, we expect "Dog" never to say that word ever again. And we love "Dog" and know that he won't and that he's very sorry. And I don't mean to sound why I said it, but I've come a long way. And, Larry, it's tough to be a nobody and then work up to be a somebody. There's -- and some of the old things still hang onto you -- unfortunately, my vocabulary. And I know how you are, a very stern man. And I love you.

KING: Stern?

D. CHAPMAN: I know how you are. Yes, sir.

KING: I'm not stern.

D. CHAPMAN: And I'm not -- I'm trying not to swear. The "F" word, the "A" word, the "P" word, the "N" word -- I'm trying not to use any of those words. Then I won't be accustomed to just letting this stuff fly. I have quit swearing for four or five days. And now to hear the "F" word, when people use it, it kind of upsets me a little bit in my spirit.

I went ah, what are you saying?

And I thought today, you mean when I swore like that, that's what it meant to people?

And I don't want to ever hurt anyone.

KING: You were a swearer by nature?

D. CHAPMAN: I think I was a swearer by nature. Correct. Not -- I mean my parents didn't, you know?

KING: but you had a different life than them.

D. CHAPMAN: Yes, sir.

KING: By the way, if you head to our Web site,, we've got a quick vote for you -- do you think "Dog's" show should be off the air?

Do you think the show should be off the air?

Right now, 66 percent say no. There's still time for you to vote. You can weigh in at

Are you pleased that two thirds -- two third don't think you should be off the air?

D. CHAPMAN: Oh, absolutely. I want to say thank you so much. And I want it to get to 90 percent because then the other 10 percent are the fugitives. Do I don't care -- if I can hit 90, then I'll go to A&E and say, please, can I have my job back?

KING: We'll be meeting his other son in a little while. We'll be meeting his reverend.

We'll be back with more of "Dog" right after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's a racist word to say...


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: ...him using it every day. But I do say, it hurt me. It really hurt me because I always looked at "Dog," the bounty hunter, as a role model.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST: I have used many, many descriptive words to deal with a lot of different kind of people. And I'm guilty of that. And the only reason nobody is mad at me is because...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because they ain't heard you.

GOLDBERG: Well, that's what my point is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And they don't know about it.


KING: Are you surprised that everybody is talking about you?

D. CHAPMAN: Yes, very surprised that everyone is talking like that. Correct.

KING: Do you think it's fair to compare you to the comedian Michael Richards, who had that racist rant at his comedy appearance or Don Imus' remark about a basketball team?

D. CHAPMAN: What I've been through right now, I wouldn't compare anybody or judge anybody, because, my God, how did they make it through that?

KING: You wonder how did they make it through?

D. CHAPMAN: Yes. I would never judge them.

KING: An e-mail question from Laurie in Windsor, Ontario: "My son went out on Halloween as you, "Dog" -- dressed as you. When we came home, this story about your rant was all over TV. My son is black. Any advice how to explain to him that you're not a hero?"

D. CHAPMAN: Well, I don't know about being a hero. I didn't want to be that. But if he went out there as me, I'm proud of that. And that Uncle "Dog" has learned there's certain words that you can never use. There are certain words -- for instance, you can't yell, "I've got a bomb" at an airport. There are certain words in the English language that you cannot use. And the "N" word is one of them. And that's any child at all -- you will not and cannot use that word.

KING: Do you believe you're a racist?

D. CHAPMAN: No. I have arrested racists. I know what they believe and how they believe.

KING: You've bounty hunted racists?

D. CHAPMAN: I've bounty hunted racists. I'm on the list for a couple of supremacist groups. And I've bounty hunted racists in other colors besides Caucasian. And they're proud to be that. And, you know, that's -- if they were in this seat, they would tell that you they are. I mean they're not -- they're not undercover racists. There's no such thing.

KING: Tucker's sister was Barbara, who died, right, in the car accident?

D. CHAPMAN: Tucker's sister is Barbara, yes, sir.

KING: Do you think there's any reaction to this -- to that death and to Tucker, a son betraying a father?

What's your...

D. CHAPMAN: Well...

KING: You're not a psychologist, but what do you make of this?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, both of them had connections with the mother. The mother, in the '80s, I -- I was speaking with Tony Robbins. I came home. She was with my best friend. I mean the mom -- when I got out in prison, Larry, I got out in '79 for murder. So a -- the pick from girls I had -- can you imagine me coming to your house saying, "Hi, my name is Duane. I just got out for a murder that I didn't do. Hi, sir. May I date your daughter?"

So my pick was not very good.


D. CHAPMAN: You know, really. And I picked one that wasn't very good. And, you know, she did drugs with daughter the week -- with Barbara the week before Barbara got killed. I mean I did it -- I had a terrible choice, but I didn't have a big item, you know, a big area to pick from. I had to pick what I did.

Now, they're coming out 20 years ago -- anybody that I did drugs with 20 years ago or 30 years ago or anything that I did are now coming out, jumping on "National Enquirer," oh, give me $2,000 or $3,000. And they're like I remember he said this.

So I have a past. I -- the past of -- my, God, there are so many songs, the past will catch you. Please don't relive it. There is a past. And no matter what I'll be there, I'll always have that past. And it is haunting me. And to use that word is so terrible. And I'm "Dog" Chapman. I'm -- I -- you know I love black people. I love all -- I live in Hawaii, where many of us are called to Hali (ph) every day -- 30 percent Anglo-Saxon. I want to raise my children around all color. Where -- I love Hawaii. You know that. I stay there because of that.

KING: How is your wife handling it?

D. CHAPMAN: My wife is very ashamed. I mean she's, you know, as far as being the big mouth in the family, it's usually Beth. You know, I'm like usually, honey, you know, slow down. And she's like you're out of character, you know?

You -- I can't believe -- and today she said you have shamed the family. And I'm like, you know, I'm very sorry. And she's like, big daddy, then prove it. So I'm trying to prove it.

KING: Is she mad enough to want to leave you or...

D. CHAPMAN: Well, you know, I told her...

KING: I saw her outside. She seemed fine.

D. CHAPMAN: Right. But I went to her and said, you know, if any -- if you ever want to leave and become "The Beth Show," now is the time to do it. And she said, "I won't leave you."

KING: How angry are you at Tucker?

By the way, did you call him or him call -- he call you on that?

D. CHAPMAN: That day, I think I called him. Yes, sir.

KING: How mad are you?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, I'm glad you said that. You know, I went to the Lord and said, you know, Lord, forgive him, because he doesn't know what he's doing.

You know, how can you -- how mad can you get at your own kid?

You can't hate him. You can't hate him. I'm disappointed and wonder where -- did that -- did that traitor stuff come from prison?

Did that, you know, where do you learn to be a traitor at?


KING: All right.

Do you think he did it to hurt you or he needed money?

D. CHAPMAN: Well, I think that he figured his father would not be as hurt as bad as it did. But I know for sure he needed money. You know, they've got contracts. I mean they, you know, you become a rat, you get this contract with that magazine and scum magazines like that. So they've got contracts that you sign and they pay you like, you know...

KING: Couldn't he have gone to you for money?

D. CHAPMAN: But, I say -- Larry, I said, Tucker, you've got to work. See, Tucker worked for me after this happened for almost, you know, six, seven months. Then right before he turned the tape in, he got fired again. But he got fired for not doing something right. Him and Beth would get in a beef. I'd get in a beef. And then he'd got rehired. He's my son. All the kids have a particular role in -- whether it's "'Dog' The Bounty Hunter," the (INAUDIBLE) bail bond is in the family unit.

He would have came back. It's just that he, you know, chose to do this.

KING: The son we're about to meet, Chris, he's younger than Tucker?

D. CHAPMAN: Christopher is my first born son. Christopher did this, too. Christopher got out of prison last year and immediately went to the "Enquirer Magazine" and did not, you know, this -- but said some terrible things. So Christopher came yesterday and said, "Dad, I'm sorry I did the same thing."

And I go, "Why are you guys doing this?"

"Well, Dad, they're offering money. They're offering me money. And I thought -- "

KING: All right, we'll ask Chris.


KING: But his was not a racial reference, right?

D. CHAPMAN: No. He said I did drugs with him and that I was -- yes, think he said I was racial and I didn't like people.

KING: Really?

D. CHAPMAN: Oh, yes. Well, they stay on the subject, so it, you know, they try to make things confirm.

KING: We'll meet Chris on this edition of LARRY KING LIVE, right after this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Right here. This is it right there.

D. CHAPMAN: Tell me when you're good.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's her window. OK, the door is open.

D. CHAPMAN: Your house is surrounded. Come on, Mona Lisa, we're coming through the door.


D. CHAPMAN: Mona Lisa, open the damned door. We're going to (INAUDIBLE) you right now. We know you're in there. Open the door.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Open the door. We've got a warrant for your arrest.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: One, two, three -- take it.


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