Sunday, May 26, 2013

End Times Prophecy Report Covers Biblical Prophecy in the News

End Times Prophecy Report, a new WordPress site, is now up and running.

The site features headlines, news and commentary as it pertains to the times in which we live.  According to the site’s editor, Jeremiah Jameson, it will also focus on:

“End Times Bible Prophecy and News, End Times Deception, Societal Collapse, Apostasy, False Teachers, Mass Hysteria, Demonic Attacks, War, Rumors of War, Famine, Pestilence, Salvation through Jesus Christ, Earthquakes, UFOs, Earth Changes, False Christs, All Roads Lead to Rome, New World Order, Conspiracies, and GMO Frankenfood.”

“We plan to emphasize news and commentary as it pertains to Biblical prophecy and the times we are living in.”

The site’s plans are to update daily and to add writers as they grow.

“We’re in the middle of putting everything in order, what everyone will be writing about and even the entire list of topics we plan on covering,” Jameson offered.  “Check back often to see what we’re up to!’

This writer will be an occasional contributor to End Times Prophecy Report.

Any writer interested in contributing can contact James at

Friday, March 7, 2008

New DBKP Website Up and Running Now

Our new site, Death By 1000 is now up and running.

We will still continue to maintain all of our Blogger sites, like this one--at least for the foreseeable future.

We will update this blog at this location and are moving it's entire contents over to the new site. We hope to have everything done by the end of March.

Check it out.

by Mondoreb

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dog Library:
Complete Listing of DBKP Dog The Bounty Hunter Stories

Latest Dog the Bounty Hunter:

DBKP Dog the Bounty Hunter Stories:

NEW!* DBKP Snags Nifty "White Supremacist" Award

* NEW! Angry Liberal Disses Dog, Roy Innis, Sean Hannity
PPP's Snoop Responds!
* More Fake White Liberal Outrage: The Rehabilitation of Duane "Dog" Chapman

* NEW! Rumors Rumble About Dog's Return

* NEW! Civil Rights Pioneer Mentors Dog!

Dog Buys Under-Privileged Kids $26,000 Worth of Toys

Dog Rally Set for NYC Thursday

Black Group Hosts Toy Giveaway, Dog the Bounty Hunter Saturday

Big Rumblings from the Rumor Mill

Today's the Day We Send the "Bring Back Dog" Petition to A & E Network

Two Bounty Hunter Stories: What Would Dog Do?
The tale of the Bounty Hunter and the bounty hunters.

Dog's Fans Play Offense
A Rally for Dog - Join the Boycott - Send a Pineapple

NEW! A Call to Action: Let's Get Critical!
A detailed look at what happened and what fans can do.

NEW! A&E Canceled Handicapped Kids' Dreams
A&E canceled more than the Bounty Hunter Show when they pulled Dog

White Supremacists Put $75,000 Bounty on Bounty Hunter's Head
Aryan Nation Puts a Price on Dog's Head?

Girlfriend Has Message for Dog's Fans on MySpace
Monique Shinnery Reveals What She Thinks of Dog's Fans

SIGN the "Bring Back Dog" Petition:

Dog Trivia
How much do you know about Duane "Dog" Chapman?

Editorial Round-Up
What papers around the country said then about Dog.

Sue Him!
Tucker's Girlfriend, Monique Shinnery, Reveals Her Plans

Judge Rules On Mexican Case
Dog's only good news during a rough stretch

Dog the Bounty Hunter Now Canceled
A&E cancels the popular show after a temporary suspension

A&E Pulls Dog the Bounty Hunter Off the Air
Dog shows suspended; Dog apologizes; Audio tapes of phone call

Tucker's Girlfriend Rejects Dog's Apology
Monique Shinnery rejects apology; Rumors about Tucker's $$$

Two Fan's Reactions - videos
Two Dog Fans record their opinions in videos

Short and Long Audio Tapes
Both the short and full tapes of Dog's cellphone call

Vendetta! Tucker sold the tapes to the Enquirer
We first learn of how the Enquirer got the tapes.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Black America
Some reactions from Black America

Dog Still Loves the Son Who Sold Him Out
Did you expect anything else?

Dog Petitions Spring Up All Over Internet
Sign a petition to help out the Dog.

Larry King Live Video
Larry King interviews the Bounty Hunter.

Larry King Live transcript
Larry King Live transcript; Dog's Troubles - video

Doug the Nazi Hunter
Doug the Nazi Hunter won't take the Dog's place - video

Interview on Hannity & Colmes
Part 2 of the Dog's appearance on H&C.

How Much Money Did Tucker Receive?
Was it Worth it?

Dog Nixed from Christmas Parade
Christmas Parade and Dog Agree to Cancelation

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Complete Story
The complete story up to that point; videos

Videos and stories about Dog the Bounty Hunter

This is not all the DBKP stories on Dog the Bounty Hunter. Check the listings at the bottom of the page on older stories for others

by Mondoreb


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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter:
Bring Back Dog Petition
Goal: 250,000 Signatures in 14 Days

Bring back "Dog the Bounty Hunter" now!

Sign the petition below and help us bring back the Dog.

Tired of reading about it, talking about and worrying about a Dog-less TV line-up?Now you can help get Dog out of the doghouse--now!

We are trying to collect 250,000 signatures to put "Dog the Bounty Hunter" back on the Art & Entertainment Network's fall line-up. The petition and electronic signatures will be sent to the AETV's corporate offices on November 26, 2007. AETV is the parent corporation of the A & E Network.

We will also send along all comments made by the readers--you--at the end of this story to AETV.

To help us help Dog, follow the instructions at the end of the petition wording.

That's 14 days to collect 250,000 signatures: that's only a little over 17,000 signatures a day--a small fraction of the show's audience.

Tell your friends and family and anyone else who might be interested in seeing "Dog the Bounty Hunter" possibly return to the airwaves. If A&E is unmoved, the outpouring of support might surely influence another rival network, such USA Network or Spike TV, to pick the show up.

The petition reads as follows:

--- PETITION To Bring "DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER" Back To A & E - --

Bring back "Dog the Bounty Hunter" to the Arts & Entertainment Network schedule.

The tapes released by the National Enquirer were of a private cell-phone conversation, made without Duane "Dog" Chapman's knowledge (most probably illegally) and sold for monetary gain.

The slur was not an expression of hate, but of ignorance.

Duane Chapman has on several occasions apologized on national TV broadcasts.

While not condoning the use of racial slurs, supporters urge the Arts & Entertainment Network to bring back the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" show.

The sooner, the better.

----------- Bring Back "DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER" -----------

Only fourteen days.

Everybody better get busy.

1. Go to the "Comments" section at the end of this piece.
2. Fill in your real name and email address. Your email address will not be visible to others.
(Optional: You may add a comment. No profanity please. You are trying to impress A & E that you are a responsible viewer--valuable to their advertisers on "Dog the Bounty Hunter")
3. Push the [PUBLISH] button.

Tell your any Dog fan. Thank you.

by Mondoreb

Sign our other on-line petition by clicking Bring Back Dog.
NEW! TWO Videos:Fan Reactions
Two Fan Videos
NEW! Dog Trivia
NEW! Dog Still Loves the Son Who Sold Him Out:
Dog Still Loves Tucker
Dog Petitions Spring Up All Over Internet
Latest Dog the Bounty Hunter News


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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Video Brawl

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Dog vs. the Meth-Heads

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Video TV Show

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Video

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Intro and Theme Song

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Black America

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Black America: Dog Update

A nice article from Bloggers New Network about Black America: Does it forgive Dog the Bounty Hunter? The story below speculates that they do, based on the response from Dog's black fans.

We got one such letter yesterday at DBKP. It's after the story below.

From psburton at BNN:
A majority of African Americans who saw Duane Chapman’s interview on Larry King express a willingness to forgive dog the bounty hunter provided his remorse and humility was genuine. I made a point of asking one of my neighbors who is black to watch the show so I could solicit his opinion. ”Mostly I would say its his upbringing that caused him the trouble” my friend remarked. I asked if he felt it would be appropriate for A&E to give him his job back. “Yea and he should spend some of the salary they pay him on adult education”. ”The thing is, Not so much what the “Dog” was saying” ”It’s a black minister willing to come on National t.V.’ and say now look here brothers and sisters, I am this mans spiritual leader and while he may need counseling on the use of profanity and slurs he is not a racist and I am also telling you he is a believing Christian and a friend of mine”

The king interview revealed a man who confirmed my previous opinion its not so much an issue of racism with the Dog as it is a lack of education and impulse control. Some cash spent on a few verbal advantage tapes and anger management courses would be a good step toward achieving his stated desire to become something other then where he came from.

I speculate many African Americans would object and loudly if A&E or another network decides to return the Dog to America’s living room. But the final decision comes down to dollars and cents. Dog has lots of fans and those fans some of who are black are the ones who ultimately decide what sells and what does not.
More from BNN

We received this email yesterday. We thought the writer made some good points.

I want to send you an e-mail to let you know that I and my non-white family are behind the Dog! He said nothing but an exagerated swear word for what the "duo" must have already done before this incident...

Not only that the conversation very private, but also made public by people that you must doubt integrity and motives; how did they get Dog talking like that despite of his "one of the boys" attitude even with criminals...???? Like my grandson may say,"are you nuts?"

Said Damon Wayans at the "View," "Black folks sitting it out laughing, just watching,, while whites cry out 'foul', 'foul' and have the sense of what?... conscience? " Let's ruin someone today?"
Ruin then anyone who say the word, white or black, grey or yellow...whatever race, rather than hulk in the shadows, wait. then wait for judas and girlfriend with 30 pieces of silver to buy a private conversation. Guess what? Enquirer do not have any ethics, but they showed Dog's son and his girlfriend to be the bad guys here... They must have known the common swear word in the prison, in the house, in Dog's experience, and they entrapped Dog to say it. Wake up everyone, punish the real culprit. Dog takes care of his family; his son and girlfriend want to destroy the family and its livelihood.

Never met Dog except in his tv show that I watch regularly, but I feel for him and the rest of his family...
WE are behind Dog,

Danni, Lynn

Nice letter and story.

Tucker's Girlfriend to Sue Dog
Girlfriend to Sue Dog
DOG SAYS HE Still Loves the Son Who Sold Him Out:
Dog Still Loves Tucker

Larry King Live Interview with Dog:
Larry King Live Video Link
Larry King Live Interview Transcript:
Larry King Live transcript
See our -Dog Central- with the green buttons on the top left
of the page.

by Mondoreb


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